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2 Nights of Great Food!

Monday Night I took a friends adivce and checked out Sushi House in Farmington. It's located just south of 9 Mile on Farmington Road in the Farmer Jack plaza. But let me tell you this is no strip mall food. This is some of the best sushi I've ever had. It smelled amazing when we walked in the door, as opposed to the fishy smell at Noble Fish. (I do like noble a lot aside from the smell of the joint)They give you super yummy miso and a salad when you come in. We ordered edemame,one huge shrimp and avacado tempura roll and then one other each and the bill came to 26 bux before tip. We were stuffed and everything tasted so good. I think i said, "this is so good" about 10 times during and after the meal. No joke. Totally worth the drive. Very good service. Good date place for sure.

Last night I decided to try another new-to-me place in Hamtramak, Polish Village Cafe. I was happy it wasn't over-run with the valentines crowd. The waitress was polish. The dill pickle soup was the best i've ever had and the Perogi did not dissapoint. Totally afordable. I think I walked out paying 7.50 after tip. And for the second day in a row I was stuffed! Very cute inside with red lights strung across the ceiling. Service was quick and the food came out very fast. Another great date place. Not fancy, but it doesn't have to be. It's great!
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When I was dating my hubby, we went to the Polish Village Cafe. I saw it highlighted on an episode of one of Emeril's cooking shows. It was some of the most wonderful polish food I've had. I, too, had the perogis and dill pickle soup. It was absolutely delicious! My hubby had some sort of chicken and he really enjoyed it too.
Yeah I forgot to add that my friend got a hungarian pancake which was very large cubes of pork in goulash over a very large potato pancake. She was very happy with it.
I love the dill pickle soup they make! I'm all the way in Saginaw now, but I'm going to have to make a trip down soon for some of those potato pancakes and the soup. There is a place near there in the Eastern Market area called JR Hirt (I'm not sure exactly) and they have fantastic cheeses and chocolates.
So it's a shop not an eatery?

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Have you had it at Polish Village?

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i'll have to try the dumplings next time. thanks for the tip!
YAY sushi house!! lol... definitely my favorite sushi place, such amazing sushi, and decent prices...

i think i posted about that place before, did you hear about it from here? or just people in general... i recommend all my friends to that place lol.. nice to know more people are hearing about it =)
a friend went over the weekend and always said it was her fav but i had never heard of it. i made the trek...well worth while. the word is a spreadin!