I'm kind of a big deal (beltpower) wrote in eat_detroit,
I'm kind of a big deal

Woodward Avenue Brewery

Just wanted to let everyone know about the Woodward Avenue Brewery. I just visited for the first time today and was very impressed. They have lots of standard bar fare like burgers, plus lots of Mexican like quesadillas and burritos. There are also tons of vegetarian options for Mexican food plus three kinds of veggie burgers.

I just went today (Monday) and learned that every Monday after 4pm the items on the menu are all 50% off. I went with two other friends and our total bill was under $20! The normal prices on the menu were reasonable too. I also liked how they bolstered Michigan-made products like Sanders on their dessert menu and Michigan clove honey in their root beer.

The WAB is at Woodward and 9 Mile in Ferndale. I definitely recommend it.
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