Two Time Oscar Nominee (helloreplace) wrote in eat_detroit,
Two Time Oscar Nominee

Royal Oak Dinner Suggestion?

A friend is visiting her family from out of town and we've decided the middle place for us to meet is Royal Oak. Neither of us are from here (I'm back in town after a 15 year absence, she's been living in London for 6 years). We'd like to go out for a nice sit down dinner, some place we can really talk, money isn't a big concern, but we're not looking to re-mortgage our lives either, (think 100 bucks for two before we get fussy, but less is always fine) and we'd like to have a delicious meal with decent service. We're both omnivores, the only thing we're not looking for is seafood since we're doing that Sunday. I would be really grateful for any tips. Thanks!
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