Otterpop (otterpop) wrote in eat_detroit,

O'Charley's in Belleville - avoid

Below is a copy of a letter I sent to O'Charley's corporate HQ. We went here on a good recommendation but as you will see it was terrible:

I visited your resturant for the first time this past Monday evening. I was very disappointed in the food we received. To start, my fiance's soup was completely devoid of any flavor. For our main course, I had a burger, which I ordered medium rare. It arrived well done. I was surprised at this, as your menu goes through the trouble of listing and explaining the several different "doneness"es of beef, but my request for medium rare was completely disregarded. However, the patty was so thin I could see how it was over-cooked. There was barely anything to this burger.

My finace's main course, chicken fingers, were over-fried and dry as a bone. We were VERY disappointed in our meal - so much so that we just wanted to leave as quickly as possible. However, this proved impossible as our waiter took forever to bring us our check. As for the bill - I am ashamed of the price I paid for this completely sub-standard meal. It's sad to say that the best part of it was the salad, which was just a standard iceberg out of the bag salad I could have easily gotten from my grocery store.

I am completely dis-satisfied with our meal and will be sharing my experience with others. This was hands down one of the worst resturants I've ever been to.
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