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Agave closes in rent fight BY SYLVIA RECTOR
July 19, 2006

Agave adjoined the Whitney. (SYLVIA RECTOR/Detroit Free Press)
Agave restaurant in Detroit abruptly closed over the weekend after its landlord, Bloomfield Hills attorney Eliot Charlip, obtained a District Court eviction order against the business in a financial dispute. Charlip, who was at the property at 4265 Woodward on Tuesday afternoon, said Agave's owners brought in a truck late Saturday and Sunday and loaded it with furniture and equipment.
Agave owner George Mugianis of Farmington said he chose to move out rather than continue to deal with "an unreasonable landlord." He said the dispute stems in part from Charlip's refusal to make repairs.
Mugianis also said he and his partners are looking for a new building to reopen the contemporary Mexican restaurant elsewhere in the city.
Charlip says he hopes to find a new tenant for his site.
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