Parallelfirth of fifth (parallelfifths) wrote in eat_detroit,
Parallelfirth of fifth

chinese new year

i'd like to buy some baijiu for a chinese new year party.

can anyone point me to a liquor store or asian grocery that would carry baijiu?

any tips about buying baijiu?

thanks, and happy new year.
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I would try showermans on five mile and merriman in livonia, they have a big selection of liqours and beers. I'd call to make sure though, been a while since I've been there.

as for ettiquite, no clue. I mess up with that kind of stuff in my own culture.

Whoa. I thought this was a China expats posting, where baijiu is plentiful. I'm from Detroit but I'm not sure where to tell you to buy. But try to buy Maotai or another brand from Guizhou province. Erguotou is cheaper but is supposed to be inferior quality.
i guess there are asian markets at 11 and john r, and 14 and john r. i don't know names or more details. do either of those places sound familiar to anyone?

(i'm across town in dearborn, so it's a litle out of my way to just check them out--especially in this weather--but unless i hear otherwise before then, that's what i'll do on friday.)

anyway, thanks for the tips.