Two Time Oscar Nominee (helloreplace) wrote in eat_detroit,
Two Time Oscar Nominee

Decent Vegan Food in Detroit? How about Lobster?

I recently moved back to the Detroit area after a good 18year absence, and I have no idea what's what. I have two occasions coming up I need to choose restaurants for, and would be super grateful for good advice.

1. Vegan dining - I need a half decent - preferably nice place to take a vegan. I'd be thrilled if it was a vegan restaurant, but some placenice with excellent vegan choices works too. Ideally this would be within 10 minutes of downtown Detroit, since my guest is staying at the RenCen. (Before coming back I was in NYC and San Francisco, so I realize I may have unnatural expectations, if it's not possible to find this, just let me know.)

2. Lobster. I have a lobster craving, and I can't get my brain around Red Lobster. Does anyone have a favorite seafood place with great whole lobster, maybe even someplace I could eat alone, since I don't actually know anyone here? I'm willing to sit at a bar and eat, or go at an off time. Location wise, I can go anywhere, but I'm starting from the Vernier/Mack area if that helps.

Thanks so much for any tips!
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